Sunday, May 22, 2011

Silly Sheep

Went out for a walk to the far end of the pasture, hoping to encourage contractions (this was mainly unsuccessful!). Tabitha accompanied me. The lambs weren't visible from the other side, so we were just checking on them. As we came closer, we realised why they weren't visible-they were rolling and playing in a big dirt divot in the pasture-yes, my white lambies were all dirty. As we neared, they stopped their play, and ran to their mothers in alarm!! Only, in their panic-they BOTH made the same mistake-the same thought crossed both Tabitha's and my mind at the same time, and you could see, the ewes' a second later-Tabitha looked up at me in surprise, and said-"they ran to the wrong mamas, Mommy!" And indeed they had!! Hilarious!!

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