Saturday, September 26, 2009

Counting! (or-you can't fool Wyatt!)

Supper the other night, I made perogies (my kids LOVE perogies!). I had given everyone (except Daddy, who has a heaping plate full!) two perogies. Wyatt asked for "mo' " after gobbling up 2 platefuls, each with 2 perogies. Thinking he MUST be getting full by now, I only gave him one. He looked at his plate, and in a disappointed tone looked at me and said "want TWO 'ogies Mommy!!" Leroy was amazed that Wyatt is counting already!! But Wyatt's such a little mimick-he just picks up EVERYTHING the older two are doing! (Sometimes that's a good thing, other times-maybe not so much... :) )

Friday, September 25, 2009


These firsts-will they ever get old? Jacob got his first tooth today! On my brother's birthday no less!! LOL!! I noticed it while sitting in the waiting room at the chiropractor's office-I'm sure the other people waiting thought I was a bit crazy exclaiming about his first tooth. Then again, they'd probably already prejudged, seeing as I was there with 4 small children.....
Anyways-it's on the bottom left. Out of all my kids, his first tooth took the longest to come in (Tabitha's at 2 mos, Jesse and Wyatt right around 3 mos!) Still-I'm sad. Just one more step away from being a baby-already!! Jacob's pretty excited about it, I think-he spent most of the rest of the day with his tongue stuck out, feeling it, and looking so silly and cute!!
He also rolled over for the very first time when we were at Grandma's last week, having a delicious fish fry to celebrate September birthdays!!
I'm glad to enjoying all these firsts again.