Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, this post could be about a lot of things. It just so happens though, to be about a beautiful little pony we got for Tabitha not too long ago. You see, Miss Tab complained that ol' Two Bits was too slow (well, to be honest, he's not real motivated to move out!) and Tabitha and Jesse were always arguing over who got ol' Kye to ride. Well, I browsed kijiji constantly, looking for the perfect horse. Leroy didn't want me to pay too much money, so, even though horse prices are down, it was still a challenge. Then I saw an ad for an older 13 hh mare, rescue pony. There were already over 300 views, and I figured for the price they were asking, she'd already be sold. But I called and emailed anyways-turns out, I was the only one who had!!

Faith had gone through the auction mart and that is where the people who sold her to me had originally got her. She had had a foal on her, who was sold separate from her. She is an older mare (estimated age about 28 yrs), and had been putting her all into feeding that baby. She looked like a walking rack of bones!! Yet, she's very pretty (a pinto), and the people who bought her could see her potential, and that someone must have loved her very much at one time. They brought her home, and their daughter worked with her, and discovered that she was quite calm and even tempered, but could still move out at a trot nicely when asked.

We went to look at her, but I didn't get much chance to refuse her, as Jesse grabbed her leadrope the moment she was taken out of the pen and wanted to load her!! He wanted her for himself, but after riding out on her a few times, we've discovered she and Tabitha are a much better match. (Although Tabitha still likes to take ol' Kye out for the occasional gallop!!).

She has her own purple blanket and halter and leadrope, and we're feeding her Nutrena senior ration plus vegetable oil in hopes of fattening her up (actually-she's doing quite well-still bony, but not "fragile" feeling. Can't wait to see what she looks like in the spring, all shined up on pasture and sunshine! The kids are looking forward to lots of riding together too!!