Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday continues....

Tonite we had supper at my brothers. My sister in law cooked one of my favouritest meals-Teriyaki Chicken Toss, from Sandi Richard's "Life's on Fire: Cooking for the Rushed" (though she didn't know I adored the recipe at the time! :) ) She also made me the coolest, cutest sewing machine cake!! THEN-they unveiled the big surprise-my brother, who is as sweet and thoughtful as he is clever, had conspired with the rest of my family (Mom, Dad, and Sister) to come up with most of the money needed so he could build me a (much needed!!) new computer, after my old one had finally pretty much given in!!
I'm feeling even more loved than ever-THANK YOU EVERYONE!! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday...To me!!

Today kicks off my last year in my 20's!! Everyone seemed to have plans for me this year!
I went to Grandma Bailey's for tea and cake with my "Auntie-who-shares-my-birthday" (Auntie Mary Lee! :) ) They both spoiled me rotten! :)
Then-some good friends had asked the previous week if they could come visit on Wednesday. Forgetting it was my birthday, I said sure. Then, regrettably, I had to phone and cancel, because Mom was planning to watch (ALL) the kids for me so I could have the day to myself. I said "I'm sorry-I forgot it was my birthday!" She (you know who you are!) said "We didn't-we were going to surprise you with a cake!" Oh! So, in stumbling around I'd messed up their surprise! It still made me feel soo good though-what awesome friends to even think like that!! :)
Then my sister in law phoned to invite me for supper-but Leroy was already planning on taking me out for dinner on my birthday-so she agreed to have us over the next nite!
Then Leroy decided to surprise me and take the day off to spend with me. The night before he'd already surprised me with a blizzard cake from Dairy Queen (which I'd been jonesing for!! :) ) Good thing he'd done it the nite before-or I'd have baked my own cake! LOL!!
He took me out to Original Joe's pub for dinner-I'd never been, b/c no kids are allowed-and how often am I ever anywhere without my kids? LOL! Dinner was awesome!! We both had burgers, and I got the dill dip for my fries-yummy!! Mom kept all the kids except Jacob overnite-we stopped and picked him up!!
All in all, it was a terrific birthday-I got spoiled rotten! :)