Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still here....

I'm still here. Just haven't felt like blogging much. Nothing like a toothache while pregnant, then (barely) surviving a horrible flu bug to do that to you. The broken tooth/toothache two weeks ago required a partial root canal (pulpectomy-they couldn't do a proper root canal, b/c I did NOT want xrays while pregnant-so that means they need to redo it after babe is here. Fun and games!). I think the bill was even more painful-insurance companies are so horrible-sure we have "100%" coverage-of what the insurance companies *think* they should pay. Based on prices over a decade ago. And they think we should "shop around" to find a dentist that works around that-so patients have to choose-go to the dentist who is an absolute gem to deal with, and expects to get paid fairly for the work he does-or go find someone who works within the insurance's "books"-if you can find one-and hope you can get along with them. I ended up paying close to HALF of what my dental cost. OUCH. WHY do we bother with the insurance? My rant for the day.
Then-I don't remember when I've been as sick as I was last week. Dying sounded like a nice option, thank you very much. And I'm truly not just whining-I just don't get sick-especially not that bad! Thankfully, even though the babies got ill, they weren't as bad as mama, and, with some help from Grandmas, I was able to get some rest and am on the mend. Not without an exciting trip to the ER, for stitches for Miss Tabitha's finger, right after a snowstorm (nothing like being stuck in a snowdrift in one's own yard, with a bleeding child). Not to mention the over 4 hour long wait in the ER with 3 young energetic children, while sick, pregnant Mommy can barely move, dealing with the kids' fascination with the water fountains! although I was blessed with some absolute angels, also stuck waiting in the ER, who asked if they could get the kids some treats and drinks from the vending machines (did I mention I hadn't brought snacks or money with me? Not smart! Next time, no matter how many bandaids the child is soaking through, I'm bringing crackers and water bottles-or something!!) I wish I would've been smart enough to get their names-how can you thank someone like that enough? I had to turn away for a moment, I was nearly crying-Tabitha asked me why that made me sad. Their timing was perfect too-I'd nearly reached breaking point!
Then (thankfully!) Grandma Julie saved the day again, by bringing McDonalds to the hospital for supper. Her timing was impeccable also, as it was right as Tabitha was called in for stitches, so I was able to just concentrate on Tabitha, while Grandma and the boys went and started on their supper. The Dr. remarked on what a brave child Tabitha was, and how he hadn't had one like that in over a year! She didn't move a muscle, not for the freezing, or the stitching-really was pretty matter of fact about it! And thrilled to have her McDonalds after!
So those were my latest adventures.
At the moment, I think maybe I should quit using blogging to procrastinate, and go busy myself with digging my way out of the disaster zone my house exploded into during my illness-oh goodie!
If I don't get lost in the mess, maybe I'll be able to find time to post pictures of other things I've been up to in my absence from the blogosphere, plus, of course, more belly shots-while I still have a belly to take shots of! : )