Friday, February 15, 2008

Springtime In Alberta....

Springtime in Alberta....Ian Tyson's voice keeps running thru my head!Springtime? Wait a minute, looks like maybe I missed a season...or two...Well, maybe not, 'cause winter's probably not done with us yet. As ol' Ian sings "Then without a warning, Another winter storm comes ragin' thru...." But today, it is 9 degrees C here, and feels like balm to ones' soul! Esp after the nasty cold snaps we've had, where the actual temperature reached -40 C, and then with the windchill on top of it. Those temps kill me, not so much for myself, but b/c I can't bring my critters in the house, and have to watch them outside, cold. And at the same time, I can't take my kidlets OUT of the house, so they go bonkers inside. Catch 22, all the way around. But anyways, I suppose you aren't reading this blog to hear me blather on about the weather! : )

I know, I've been a terrible, almost non existent blogger. But I have reasons, really! : ) You see, I had these big plans to write a cool post, telling about our wonderful holidays this summer (and they were superb!) but then, perfectionism, as Flylady would call it, got in the way, and I never did, and now so many of the details are lost in this empty space I try to call a memory....

So, I'll just try and forget it, and move on. Although, I'd still love to post some pix-but our new puppy ate the camera cord. But I'm getting ahead of myself! I'll try and begin at the beginning....

News here...Well, after we got back from holidays, I noticed a spot in Sabu's eye. We thought it might have been from her getting kicked or something, so gave it some time to heal. It didn't. In addition, she started losing control of her back end. We took her to the vet, only to find out my worst fears confirmed-she has both pannus and wobblers . This was so hard to take-she was only 8 yrs old when diagnosed. I have begun taking her to see a wonderful chiropractor (we are soo lucky to have Dr. Dan of Ravenwood, so close to us!) as well as, after reading "How to Have a Healthier Dog" adding vitamins b (a complex), c, and e to her diet, as well as giving her cod liver oil for the a and d. She also gets glucosamine. Anyways, while she is still with us, and still happy, it is painful for me to watch her deterioration. I knew that, although she is irreplaceable, we needed another dog-Sabu does so much for us, from helping with the livestock, to making me feel safe when Leroy isn't around, to just being an awesome companion. I wanted another Mottopride dog. So I contacted Sandi Evjen, of Mottopride German Shepherds, to see if she had another mature shepherd available. She didn't, but did have one female puppy in one litter, and another litter (of Copper's line-Sabu's sire) due. It was a tough decision-do we wait for one of Copper's grandbabies, or do we get this one puppy, from the current litter, while she was available? We decided to get the current puppy, not knowing if there would be a female in the next litter, and not knowing how much more time we had with Sabu. So, on December 4, 2007, Penny came home with us. She's the first puppy I've ever raised on my own, and I'm so glad she's a good one. Yes, she has chewed a few things, but not nearly as much as some puppies might, and usually only when there isn't something good, like a meaty bone, for her to chew on. She has transitioned well into everything-loves BARF and working livestock, and is attentive, and mostly obedient. I'm amazed at how quick she learns, and we love her so much (well, except maybe Sabu and Sandy (Jesse's spaniel/border collie mutt) who think she's a little over the top!

And then, on December 15, 2007, we lost Grandpa Bailey. It was after a really brief battle with lung cancer. I'm glad we were able to say goodbye, but I'm still struggling with how it all came about. I've known other people who've died, lost other much loved grandparents-but this time, it seems-closer? more real? I don't know how to explain it. It's hard, and harder watching my Grandma grieve. In some ways, it still doesn't feel real. "Time marches on" Tracy Lawrence sings-but it's still so hard. So many songs make me think, these days. One that describes Grandpa, almost to a T, is "Small Town Southern Man".

For Christmas, Leroy got me an Amautik!! It is the most wonderful garment EVER! Susie of Amautibaby sewed it for me! And was kind enough to have it done, and in the mail in time for me to pick it up from the post office Christmas Eve!! Thanks Susie!! You're the best!! : )

Wyatt loves the Amauti too!! I sure get a lot of looks when I wear it to town, that's for sure!! And it's awesome for doing chores, though it pains me immensely to get it dirty!! Here's a pic (kindly taken by my Auntie Mary Lee on Christmas Day, at the request of my Grandma Bailey, who was also enchanted by the Amauti!

It's just a lot of fun, and I LOVE how the colour accents Wyatt's blue eyes (yes, they look like they're going to stay blue!!)

As for how the kids are doing-they're soo good!! Wyatt is crawling all over the place now, and can stand by himself! Jesse and Tabitha keep growing up, just too fast! Today, Tabitha took the bottle out to "Swiper" a baby goat we are bottle feeding, because his mother decided she only wanted his sister, and not him. By the time I got out there, she had already fed most of the bottle to him (correctly!) and was caressing him as he nursed, and Jesse had the pitchfork and was feeding the goats for me!! I cannot tell you just how big my heart swelled with pride at my lil farm kids!!! I got pix too! (Just can't upload them yet. Still haven't replaced the camera cord). Maybe tomorrow when I go to work, I can take the camera to Walmart and get a cd burned... Oh, yes, I'm working at Tim Hortons now. And loving it. But I think that's a post for another day, b/c my kids are calling me!! : )