Friday, February 06, 2009


Conversation between my 5 yr old and his Dad....

"Dad-are we gonna chase cows today?"

"Yep, son"

"Just the cows, Dad, not the bulls?"

"That's right, just the cows"

"I know how to tell if they're girls, Dad"


"They're the ones with the long eyelashes and boobs!"

Monday, February 02, 2009

Was my face red........

Children sure know how to keep us humble!

Imagine, you are shopping in Walmart. Say you happen to be about 5 mos pregnant (already!) and in desperate need of antacids, b/c the heartburn is killing you. Your shopping cart contains one adorable, mischievious lil 22 month old boy, plus a sweet lil 4 yr old girl riding on the back of the cart, with your big strong responsible 5 (almost 6!) yr old boy helping you push the load. You browse the antacid aisle, select the flavour you want (WOW! There are a lot to choose from!), drop it in your cart, leave the aisle and continue on shopping. You notice that people seem to be awful cheerful and friendly, smiling and staring-but you're used to that. Hey, you're out shopping with 3 small children, and it's rather obvious you are expecting a fourth!

When-suddenly-you realize to your horror that your adorable 22 month old is chewing on something, that seems to be catching everyone's attention....And it's NOT the container of antacid you just popped in there either!

NOPE! It's a BRIGHTLY COLOURED box of some sort of kinky c*nd*ms!! Now who thought to put the contraceptive aisle on the opposite side of the antacids??!

LOL! Yes, I know one should make note of what these lil monkeys can reach, and I am truly glad it wasn't a mouthful of aspirin or something. What a good reminder for me, for sure!!

In any case, it sure sped up our shopping trip!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

100 days!

Well, according to my "blog ticker" that is! I still say baby will be a few days late.
Anyways, here's a belly shot at 25 weeks. (Another charming mirror photo : ) ).

I don't think there looks to be much change, though people who see me in person on a semi regular basis seem to think so. I'm noticing that breathing and sleeping are getting a little difficult-baby is carrying quite high. I need a new body pillow, the old one having pretty much disintegrated after serving me well thru 3 other full term gestations.

I want to slow time down!! And just enjoy this new little one kicking and squirming on the inside! I never seem to sit down enough, and baby spends most of his/her time lulled by my movements, so I only get to feel those wiggles when I rest for a moment, here and there!

Anyways, I never really did keep track of sequential tummy photos with my other lil ones, and I wish I had, so I'm having fun with this one (even though I shoulda started earlier, and my mirror technique needs, umm, some polishing! : ) )