Wednesday, September 01, 2010

He Said, She Said....

A blog I'm fond of reading nearly every day, often has posts titled "He Said, She Said" with super cute/hilarious things her kids have said. Here's my take on it (I want to write these down, so I don't forget them! I *should* scrapbook them, and maybe one day I will-but right now finding the time to blog is about all I have!!)

-As I was sitting in the ER waiting room about a month ago with a broken nose (b/c of a crash collision between my nose and a goat's hard head, AS she was jumping up on the milk stand, uninvited!) sweet Tabitha turns and looks at me, deep concern in her big brown eyes, and says "Mama, what are they going to DO to your nose?" I replied "I don't know Sweetie". Wyatt pipes up, with all the enthusiasm of a 3 year old "I know, I know! They're gonna CUT IT OFF!!"

-Sitting at supper one night, while everyone was pouring Ranch dressing on their mashed potatoes (a habit Leroy told me was really weird, until he tried it-now the whole family passes the Ranch dressing for their potatoes, except when I've made gravy...) Five year old Tabitha, in a blond moment, asks "what kind of Ranch Dressing is this, Mommy?" Three year old Wyatt, in a matter of fact tone says "Ranch!!" Tabitha "oh, yeah...."

-At the church, waiting for Great Grandma and Grandpa Ulmer to get their photos done, (while Jesse introduced the guinea pig he'd brought along to everyone!!) Tabitha admired a lady's shoes. (5 year old Tabitha thinks anything with even a slight heel classifies as "high heels" and she is *very* impressed by high heels!) So Tabitha says to the lady "I like your high heeled shoes!!" The lady replies "why thank you! But they're not really that high." Jesse jumps in "that's ok, neither is Tabitha!"

-Our pastor just came back from a summer long trip to Germany. Normally clean shaven, it looked like he was beginning to grow a mustache and beard. At the children's talk, given near the very start of the service, after the Pastor had greeted the children, Jesse asked him (very loudly, of course!) "What is that (gesturing in a circle) around your mouth?" This childish candor (luckily!) dissolved the whole congregation into laughter, and Pastor graciously explained that it was a "souvenir" from his trip!

-When the veterinarian specializing in horse dentistry came to work on our horses' teeth recently, the kids had lots of questions for him. One of them was "why do you need warm water in your buckets? Why not cold water?" He patiently explained that he used the water to rinse out the horses' mouths, kind of like when they go to the dentist and are given a cup of water to rinse out their own mouths. He went on to explain that if he used cold water, the shock of it hitting their mouth would wake them up, despite the sedative needles he'd given them. The kids took all this in. And then, after he was done working on Faith, Tabitha's sweet little pony, we left her stand in the stocks a bit, to wake up from the drugs. Tabitha impatiently asked why we weren't letting Faith out. We explained that she was still really sleepy from the drugs and needed time to wake up. "Well, WHY don't you just squirt cold water in her mouth then?" she wanted to know!!

-one of Early bird Jacob's favourite words is "up, up, UP" as he enthusiastically smacks you in the head in the morning.

-A more recent word, (and this is too sweet) is "Hi!" said with extreme enthusiasm. This was even sweeter when Leroy came home after a day shift last week, and Jacob scampered right over to Daddy, repeating "Hi, Hi, HI!!" in an absolute frenzy of excitement, arms up, wanting to be hoisted to Daddy's big arms and great height!!

These are what made me smile in the past month!