Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

One of my favourite books of all time, even from when I was a child, is "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" by Du Bose Heyward, illustrated by Marjorie Flack.
My family enjoys having me read it aloud too, not just at Easter, although, being as part of it's theme is about Easter Bunnies, it is often pulled out around here at that time (yes, I do know the true meaning of Easter, and we do make certain to make sure our kids know how important this time of year is because of Jesus' sacrifice-but we do still enjoy Easter eggs and bunnies too!-no thanks to anyone who feels the need to "set me straight" :) )

This book is about a little mama country bunny, who grows up to have a lot of little bunnies!! As a young bunny, her dream had been to become an Easter bunny. But, when she grows up and gets busy taking care of her growing family, this dream is put on the back burner, and she is even made fun of for having so many babies!! She is a wonderful mommy bunny, however, who does a terrific job teaching her little ones to do things to help around the house, and no doubt her experiences with her little ones help her to grow in patience, and kindness, and wisdom-and even swiftness, as she chases all her little ones!! Then-she is given an opportunity to become an Easter bunny-her dream come true!! And because of all she is and has learned, and because of how well she has raised her little bunnies-she is actually able to experience this dream!
It is just a beautiful book (the illustrations are as lovely as the description of this wonderful little mama country bunny), and so inspirational! I very much want to be just like the kind, wise, sweet mama bunny described within it's pages!

(as a side note-Marjorie Flack has written or illustrated several other books that our family also enjoys, including "Angus Lost" "The Story About Ping" and "Ask Mr. Bear")

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Recommendation

I found this sweet little paperback book at a thrift store, several months ago. I finally decided to pick it up and read it (figured the timing was appropriate, with our new little one's birthday coming up so soon!!) It is titled "In Celebration of Babies", written by Carol Tannenhauser and Cheryl Moch. It's a beautiful little compilation of poetry, quotes, snippets of advice, and stories, written by beloved poets, famous celebrities, and also many lesser or even unknown authors. The beauty of the book is enhanced with gorgeous photos and paintings of babies, along with mothers, fathers and others. Some of the literary works shared are whimsical, others more grounded. Some light, and others darker. An excerpt from the back cover "Moving, wise, witty, timeless-In Celebration of Babies is for anyone who has ever smiled at a baby's cribside or remembered a mother's lullaby." I'm really enjoying it, and just had to share a recommendation! :)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's a.....



We had a surprise this morning! Wonder, our Canadian mare, (aka LDR Ghost Premiere) gave birth! This is a blessing that all of us, most especially Wonder, have been wishing, hoping and longing for, for a very long time!! Wonder is the mare I have mentioned in previous posts, who steals calves to mother, and who also did her best to care for Wishes when he lost his dam, Neena, Wonder's sister. It took us a long time to get her into foal, only to have her miscarry twins at 9 mos along last year. We were uncertain for quite awhile this year as to whether she was bred or not. Even last nite, she was showing no signs of her udder filling, and, other than kicking at the stallion in annoyance, didn't seem to be up to anything unusual!


(Aww! Nursies!)

The letter the foal's name is to begin with this year is "Y". Miss Tabitha is NOT impressed with this system of nomenclature, b/c she thinks the little tyke should be named "Nike" after a horse in one of her favourite books!! (For those wondering-there is a specific way Canadian horses are to be named. The first part of their name is derived from the name of the farm that owned the mare at the time of breeding. This is why Wonder's prefix is LDR, even though she was foaled at our house. (On our anniversary actually! Her dam was wonderful, and let me watch the birth!) The second part of the name is the name of the stallion. In Wonder's case, her sire was Humeny Blackjack Ghost. The final part of the name can be whatever the owner wishes-but must start with a designated letter for that year. In Wonder's case it was "P", so we came up with "Premiere" as she was our first Canadian foal. (we call her "Wonder" though, b/c at first, not realising that the letter was "P" and not "O", (which is never used), I had been mistakenly calling her "Oneder"). She is also our "Wonder" filly, b/c we almost lost her as a two week old foal. The vet was shocked that, with the high temperature she had, that she was even standing. So it was a "Wonder" she even made it!


(Look at those loooong legs!!)

Two years ago, when Wishes was born, I was rather certain he would be a colt, b/c our Jacob, born only a couple days earlier, had been a boy, and we had sort of a boy theme going on with the births around our place. I wonder (secretly hope! :) ) if the same thing will happen this year as well-that our excitedly awaited new baby will be the same gender as this year's foal? In any case, seeing Wonder out, so proud and happy being a mama, really and truly, FINALLY, brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful!!


(One proud Mama horse!!)