Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Wish!

Ok-I don't normally make requests on my birthday! I mean, I am so blessed in so many ways already, and have so many wonderful people around me who go far and above to spoil me completely without my asking, that I certainly don't feel right asking for more!  But-I think maybe this might go a little ways to changing the world for better... And I think that is a request worth making....And it's kind of fun (I think! :) )

First, some history.... I bought Joel Salatin's "Folks This Ain't Normal" awhile back, (I LOOOVE Joel's books!)  but hadn't had time to peruse it. I happened to bring it with me one Saturday while Tabitha had dance classes, and I (thankfully, and for once!) didn't have a ton of errands to run! I sat down and began to read.  I really really enjoy the straightforward way Joel writes, and a lot of his common sense advice, spelled out in common talk parables, reminds me a lot of how my Dad likes to talk, and I like that.  Anyways, pretty much from the get go he had me nodding my head and laughing out loud (a nudist buddhist, anyone? LOL! I guess you'll have to read it to know what I mean there...) :)

Anyways, another Mom happened to come sit across from me, and I noticed her trying to read the title of my book, probably rather curious as to what this insane woman was finding so amusing....   I told her the title and enthusiastically (ok, maybe a bit too much so) said "I really think that if everyone in the world read this book, we'd be on our way to a better world".  She responded "I'm a teacher, I read enough for work, so the only books I read in my free time are fiction". I told her they have it on Audible too, she didn't actually have to read it! (When I am enthused about something, I may possibly be a teensy bit pushy. LOL!!)  Anyways, the conversation kind of fizzled out after that, and I returned to being entertained by Joel's addictive writing style.

But it had me thinking... What if I really could convince a lot of people, who may not otherwise feel this book is for them, to try it? Not even the whole book, just a few chapters?  I so often feel so misunderstood in this world, if people could read this book, maybe they might understand my perspective, where I'm coming from, a little bit too... Now I don't mean to tell you that I agree 100% wholeheartedly with everything Joel says, mind you (I admit- I love my "pleasure" horses, and my nice new big house a bit much for that... Hey-nobody's perfect! LOL!) Seriously-I know there is a lot that I can improve upon, and reading Joel's books helps inspire me to try!  He gives some tips at the end of each chapter about how people at home (even if they don't live on a farm-maybe especially if they don't live on a farm) can put some of the theory he is sharing, into practice.

We truly do live in an artificial world, and this synthetic way of living is really taking it's toll-on our environment, on the animals, and especially on ourselves-the very creators of this sham.

Now-stay with me here! Even if you:
-live in a highly urban area (maybe especially if you do!),
-aren't into farming,
 -aren't into "natural" stuff,
-really do not think that this book can be for you-would you please consider reading at least the first 4 chapters of "Folks, This Ain't Normal", with an open mind, sometime this year, anyways?
One of the activities Joel suggests (# 8 on page 40 in the paperback copy, at the end of Chapter 2), is to read things you're sure will disagree with your current way of thinking.   If there are some of you out there whose mindset varies greatly from mine (and I know there are! :) ) who are willing to read a few chapters of "Folks, this ain't normal", I would be interested in reading a few chapters from a book that really floats your boat, and that you would like to recommend.
(Now I do realize that, while there are very likely many of my friends are going "Joel who?" several of you are probably wayyyy ahead of me here already. Maybe those of you who fall into the latter category could consider really encouraging others to read it too! Or even take it a bit further and consider purchasing a spare copy to loan  yourself, or donate to a library (if you don't feel comfortable with sharing your own! ) Tell 'em your crazy farmer friend asked you to! :D

It is widely available, and relatively and each have both a paperback and electronic copy, as does,  also, as previously mentioned, has a copy you can listen to, either on your e-reader or Ipod, many libraries have it, (including and ) for those of you who are local, and I have two copies that I am willing to lend out.

Anyways, I would LOVE to hear from anyone who reads it, what your thoughts are, and if it inspired you too, so let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: No one has paid me to promote this book.  :)  I just really, really love it, and want to share! :D

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